IPSA LIVE: online оn June 17-18, 2020

This time the international promotional industry show will also run in a LIVE format on June 17-18, 2020

This is a real exhibition, only in LIVE mode!

This year, no matter what, you can attend the key show of the industry and the events of its program for free! Wherever you are - at home or at work, all you need this time is any device with your regular Internet access!

IPSA remains a place for meeting of promo industry professionals, but online this time on June 17-18, 2020! The exhibition in online mode will run only within these 2 days as it used to be!

This year we also run the show in the LIVE format that will let you to:

  • find out promotional industry novelties
  • discuss possible supplies and exchange contacts online 
  • enjoy business program: online conferences, live stream workshops and performances by professionals and experts of promotional indusrty

We look forward to our online meeting with you on June 17-18, and even more we look forward to a personal meeting at IPSA 2020 offline on September 8-10, 2020.

We have saved all the opportunities of the exhibition on the online platform now so that you feel as comfortable as possible.

The online platform functions equally well on all devices (PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones) - wherever there is Internet. You do not need to download or install anything extra. You only need the browser that you usually use, and an Internet access.

To enter the IPSA online platform, you should get a free ticket and go to LIVE using the button below. The online platform is available only on June 17 and 18, 2020!

Find potential partners

That's what you're used to

85+ companies from 5+ countries annually present their products and services at the stands, talk about characteristics, provide the opportunity to find out new products and best solutions for brand identity and promotion.

You walk along the stands and choose what suits you best for further work or personal needs.


That's how it runs this year

The exhibitor directory with all the necessary information about each company, their products and services will be available to you on our innovative online IPSA LIVE platform. Use the convenient search and filters in the list of exhibitors and pay attention to the individual list of recommended companies, compiled on the basis of your product interests - all this will help you quickly and easily identify exactly those exhibitors who suit best to achieve your professional goals.

Add the selected companies to your favorites and create your own plan for visiting the LIVE exhibition not to miss anything and get in touch with everyone!

Get in touch with exhibitors

That's what you're used to

At exhibitors' stands, you negotiate with company representatives, get consultations, exchange contacts, share impressions about the latest novelties of promotional industry.

The managers at stand show you product catalogues, you learn about different ways of textile branding, chose an original office supplies' design and talk about services and terms of cooperation.

Experienced company representatives make unique offers for further productive cooperation.


That's how it runs this year

The IPSA online platform is also, first of all, personal communication! Everything happens, as in a regular exhibition, only online!

Click the cards of chosen companies in the exhibitor directory, look through products, presentations and other materials and initiate communication using the "Start chat" button.

You can look through company representatives who are in the chat, choose the most suitable specialist and get in touch in the chat to discuss possible cooperation and get consultation. As soon as the selected company representative responses, the notification sign will immediately appear on the Chats tab. We assure you, the response from the company will not be long in coming, as the exhibition runs in real time and all exhibitors are online within June 17-18 and are waiting for you to communicate with. Specialists will be happy to answer all your questions!

Communicate, discuss products, costs, share opinions, exchange contacts!

Connect to live streaming of program events

That's what you're used to

IPSA always helps you not only find new partners, but also learn new techniques, new trends and find out the experts' opinion within professional events of the program at the exhibition venue. Dozens of program events fill you with new knowledge and inspire you for the whole season.

Recognized industry experts and experienced specialists share their professional secrets with you and you have the opportunity to ask any questions you want to speakers.

That's how it runs this year

IPSA in a LIVE format includes not only an product-related opportunities, but also a rich program of professional events covering the entire industry. Click the "Events" tab, look through the schedule of workshops, congresses, conferences and connect to live streamings. Please note that all events will run according to the previously set schedule on June 17-18 in LIVE mode! Use the “My Plan” section, and add there all the events that you would like to visit virtually - it will help better plan your time and watch everything that interests you.

You can not only watch any events for free, but also ask about everything you need right during the LIVE streaming in chats. You can be sure, our staff will get all your questions and will not leave them unanswered.

Watch product demos and master classes in a LIVE format

That's what you're used to

Exhibitors always delight us with interesting workshops and presentations at stands, hold contests and give pleasant gifts.

Absolutely any specialist of the promo industry - a beginner, a specialist with many years of experience - can find something interesting among the many events at the exhibitors' stands.

That's how it runs this year

IPSA cannot run without bright, positive and informative events from exhibitors.

In the "Communities" section of our online platform, you will see selections of presentations and master classes from exhibitors for each group of promo industry specialists - producers, distributors, marketing and sales managers and many others.

Choose the exhibitors' events you like and connect to them online or add to your plan not to forget about them! Please note that this is not a saved recording of a master class or presentation, but the live streaming! Manage your time using the “My Plan” section not to miss the events you'd like to visit online.

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