Beauty Packaging Innovation

If you have not got familiar with the report on new trends in cosmetic packaging published on Beauty Packaging Innovation, you can do it here with us!

All these trends have just begun to take shape in the Russian market. Now not all manufacturers are ready to provide such services to customers in Russia. At the same time, according to the TASS news agency, Russians now choose eco-friendly products two times more often.

Whether made of concrete, ceramic, glass, aluminium, and plastic (but recycled, plant-based and / or compostable), beauty packaging is becoming recyclable, refillable, consigned. The cosmetic packaging of tomorrow will be sustainable or it will not be! In any case, this is what seems to emerge from the trends spotted during a more than complex year 2020.

As the world is experiencing an ecological and sanitary crisis, the beauty sector sees countless emerging brands embracing the precepts of a more environmentally friendly approach to consumption. Reduced, refillable, sustainable packaging, cleaner formulas… These start-ups, in line with current trends, managed to develop innovative concepts that introduced new bathroom habits. Historical brands and industry giants are not to be outdone and are driving a real transformation of the value chain.


April 9, 2021