Amazon Launches Custom T-Shirt Service

Jan 12, 2021

Amazon just became a virtual tailor.

The Seattle-headquartered multinational technology corporation that specializes in e-commerce and more has debuted a new service that enables users to order custom-fit T-shirts, with personalized labels, online.

With Made for You, you provide details about your weight, height and body type, as well as two photos of yourself, through Amazon’s app or website. Next, you select which of two cotton-based fabrics you’d like the T-shirt to be. The shirts come in eight colors, and users can pick which one they’d like. They can also choose how long they want the shirt and its sleeves to be, as well as determine fit-type and whether the tee should be cut to a crewneck and V-neck.

In another sign of just how much the mass personalization phenomenon is continuing to accelerate, Amazon can print your name on the shirt’s label. After reviewing your shirt creation on a virtual version of yourself and, if you like, making tweaks, you can place your order.

Cost for all that customization? $25.

“As long as they’re comfortable with providing their measurements and photos to Amazon, the reasonably priced bespoke T-shirt service could prove a godsend for people who have trouble finding off-the-rack clothing that fits them properly,” Engadget reported. “Made for You may expand to other styles and items in the future, so you could eventually have an entire wardrobe of made-to-measure apparel from Amazon.”

Some might have privacy concerns about the service. Amazon told Engadget that the photos are deleted after it uses them to create a virtual body double. Amazon says a user can update or delete size information at any time.

Previously, Amazon offered a service that made style suggestions based on images it took of a user. However, the company shuttered the service earlier in 2020.