IPSA 2020: Brand & Business conference

Mar 13, 2020

The combination of a diversified exhibition and business program makes IPSA 2020 a key event in the promotion industry!

The Brand & Business conference is an opportunity for two-days gaining information about the latest trends and novelties in the promotional market, get inspired by new ideas and communicate with industry's experts. More than 30 speakers will share their knowledge and experience this year.

Brand Day

The first day Brand is devoted to tools, strategies and trends. Speakers are Valeria Repina (creative Director of Repina branding), Anatoliy Tataurov (co-owner of the branding company Labelmen), Ilya Lazuchenkov (CEO and managing partner Plenum.CX), Artur Borsokov, (lead designer of Design Band).

The experts will share their knowledge and answer the following questions:

  • How can you prepare quickly a brand for the digital environment? 
  • What does a marketer need to know to work with an agency? 
  • How to ensure long-term success for your business?

Business day

The second day Business is focused on management of souvenir companies and advertising agenesis.  As a part of this day round tables, business discussions and master classes are planned.
We will discuss the issues of creating a perfect customer service, trends and novelties in promo, visualization of sales data, and much more. The speakers of this day are the heads of souvenir companies and their divisions Sergei Mikhailov, (STAN), Svetlana Salina, (Souvenir Media), Alexey Pavlenko (Panda Gifts), Andrey Fatyanov (DSM Group).

There will also be round tables on relevant topics

  • “The perfect brief. How do I build interaction between the client, supplier, and agency?”
  • “Coronavirus. What must we do?”

These and others questions of promotional industry we will discuss at Brand & Business Conference, on March 18 and 19 at CEC Expocentre!