IPSA 2019: How it was for the exhibitors

The main criteria for the effectiveness of the industry exhibition is, of course, the quality and quantity of targeted contacts. And according to these criteria, IPSA 2019 has exceeded the expectations of many participants and visitors:


Natalia Vorozhtsova, TK "Textil-opt":

We really liked the last IPSA exhibition from the point of view of the organization, and from the point of view of the audience. We saw those customers with whom we wanted to meet, and we acquired many new contacts both among end users and among advertising agencies. We are pleased with the result. All the goals that we set for ourselves are reached. The main purpose of participating in the exhibition was to find new customers, and we found them.


Alexander Matveytsov, Acar Group:

This exhibition, compared to the events of previous years, was more effective. This year there were more target customers among visitors than before.


Oksana Mashkova, "Silk Owl":

We rate the exhibition well. In my opinion, we completed our goal of finding new customers by 70%. In two days, we had many visitors who shared their contacts with us and even sent requests. It is not the first time that we participate in IPSA and from experience, we can say that orders usually appear about a week after the event, and within a month the participation in the exhibition pays off. I think this time will be the same.


Sergey Gazukin, Bierhaus:

Our company first participated in this exhibition and presented here its unique product - beer broilers and beer siphons, which will be a wonderful and unusual gift not only for men. We liked everything. Among the visitors were advertising agencies (60-70%) but also a lot of end customers. We received a lot of interesting contacts, probably more than a hundred, and we will plan to participate in the following events.


We thank the participants of IPSA2019 and are waiting for everyone on IPSA2020!