Microsoft Is Sending Out a Pretty Sweet Promo Box for Virtual Conference Attendees

May 20, 2020

While the organizers of many events are pushing for later dates due to the COVID-19 pandemic, other officials have elected to transform events into digital experiences. Microsoft is going the virtual route for its Build conference, and sent early registrants for the May 19-20 discussion a sweet promo box teeming with promotional products.  

Had it not been for coronavirus, Microsoft would have given Seattle its fourth shot at hosting Build, which it originated in 2011. While attendees will miss out on venturing to the Pacific Northwest, they will not need to go without merch tied to the event, customarily an amazing experience for software engineers and web developers.

Thanks to Twitter, we know that fortunate professionals received a box that contains socks, stickers, a lanyard and a sustainable bamboo lunchbox. While seeing a Microsoft ugly sweater in the mix would have been great, the gifts intend to augment the enjoyment of what will be a “non-stop, 48-hour interactive experience” delivered straight to attendees’ screens. Given that promo items play such a key role in the events realm, it should come as no surprise that recipients have enjoyed the gesture by Microsoft.

It is definitely our hope that companies are able to stage some versions of their intended events during the second half of the year. But even if they have to go the virtual route, it's clear promotional products can and should still be an integral part. Look at those tweets up there! Everyone was excited to get their boxes.

With respect to Microsoft, we find it great that it will be going forth with the Build conference no matter the setup. In doing so, the company is thanking innovators for being dedicated to their fields and crafting yet another way of positioning itself as a trusted ally for their endeavors. Since nothing is “normal” anymore anyway, we would love to hear that Microsoft asked attendees to flash their socks at some point during the two-day affair so as to give the promo world another boost. Make this happen, folks, because, as we all know, there’s no stepping on socks’ progress.