Packaging design trends - 2021

What packaging design trends are we witnessing this year? What helps retailers capture and retain market share?

  • Ecological safety

One of the positive aspects of living in lockdown is that we have been able to see how our normal lifestyle affects the environment. Everyone's habits and behaviour are important and this is what makes changes for the better possible. And it's a major mass media theme  this year - we see landscapes covered in used masks, tissues, bags and pieces of packaging film.

Companies are now trying to remove any plastic that can be left out - from greeting cards to fruit and vegetable packaging. We are constantly rethinking commonplace things in terms of recyclability. For example, removing glitter and foil from packaging is a trend that has already taken hold in Europe. And it's something that makes it much easier (and sometimes simply possible) to recycle packaging.

Just as we are increasingly seeing eco-friendliness become a marketing tool and help set ourselves apart from the competition. Green packaging is becoming a central element of a modern brand's product concept and strategy.



  • Materials

The companies' focus on sustainability is having an impact on how recycled and recyclable materials are used. 

A packaging format inspired by nature is something that embodies the value of the product. In addition, the use of transparent materials in packaging is designed to demonstrate its benefits. Packaging that can be recycled or reused is encouraged. For example, we can use glass jars for home storage. 

  • Bold patterns

Companies are trying to bring food and shopping fun back in 2021. Appealing to a sense of optimism, they use geometric patterns, "wrench-eye" colours and seemingly random designs.

At the same time, they use palettes and shapes inspired by nature - leaves on trees, mountains, bodies of water. 

  • Nature palettes

The theme of returning to nature is still prominent this year but we are highlighting the colours in particular. Paint manufacturer Dulux presented its colour of the year and it is called Fertile Soil.

The idea that humans have an innate desire to seek a connection with nature and other forms of life is becoming increasingly important in the design of spaces for living and working and the emphasis is on colour design. Green, brown, grey and other shades of colour from the outside world are being brought into our world inside buildings.